Shrikrishna Potdar
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Struggles & Comforts make Beautiful Life

One of my friend and I saw a movie. 

In that movie hero was struggling all the time. He was facing so many troubles. 
At one point of time my friend got so angry. He said "How can anyone live like this? Why are there so many troubles, pains and struggles in hero's life?" Life should be smooth. Everything should be easily available. All pleasures should be available then Life is beautiful.

I Laughed at his innocent question. 

I said him "come let us a make a superb movie. 
No struggles for hero, He will have every comfort available in this world. 

Big bungalows, cars, servants, beautiful wife and what not....
Everyday he gets up late in the morning. 
Servants serve him everything. 

Then he takes out big car, no traffic signals all roads are open for him. He goes to nice beaches, in big hotels and no one disturbs him. 

Then he goes on world tour visits all places. Wherever he goes no one comes to disturb him. 
He enjoys different food, music, parties. 

He comes back sleeps on cozy bed made of flowers. 
Every day in life is like this only. 

I asked my friend, "How is the story?"

He shouted at me and said, "Who the fool will come to see this movie... How can one live life like this?"

But suddenly he realized life is neither comfort all the time nor the struggle...

Life is contradictory. To make life beautiful not only comforts but struggles are also required...
So by realizing this truth make Your Life beautiful... 

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