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Help others also to make life Beautiful

I wanted to update this post in last week.
I was thinking what to write on 'Help'?
I help others whenever possible,
but before putting this post,
I wanted to experience how does a person feel who takes help...

One of my "Best Friend" helped me today,
I did not tell my problem to anyone,
But the support I got was so sudden, that I didn't even think someone will help me in that situation,
'those words' were very helpful for me.

To Help someone it is not necessary to donate huge cash, cheques
Be helpful to others in small and unexpressed needs...
This support is very important for help seeker
Help others to achieve their goals
Support them.
Some 'words with love' can also be helpful for them...
A small effort taken by you can be very helpful for others
'Satisfaction' that you will get,
will be much more valuable than money

Stretch your hand to help needful

Help Others
Many hands will be there to help you...

It is true,
"If you give something,
You get much more than what you have given"

Make others happy,
Your happiness will be multiplied
& "Life Will More Become Beautiful..."

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Happy Friendship Day

I am grateful to all my friends
Who made my life beautiful...
In times, who took away all my worries...
Who enjoyed those small moments....
Who encouraged me for new starts... Who taught me "life is a celebration"
Addition of whom to life multiplied joy in my life....

Happy Friendship Day