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From last two days I was thinking 'What is Beauty?'

I was thinking, thinking & thinking... Finally, today when I was looking at a flower it smiled.
Suddenly, my heart said ''Wow! what a flower!"

And a thought came, Yes! that is beauty.

We cannot express it in words but our heart feels it, admires it.

It is the own creation and the gift from nature to you.

'Outer beauty' which we see the beauty around you, respect & admire it.

but, 'Outer beauty' sometimes may mislead you.

'Inner beauty' can be felt by a heart. Just feel it.

'Inner beauty' needs no expression. Anyone can feel it.

"So to be a beautiful person, no need to look beautiful from outside,
Let the beauty spring from your heart.


Life in a Picture......

First Pic

Break of Dawn -- New lease of life, Embarking upon a New Voyage......
A Child Flyin Kite -- Young Blood, Aspiring to Fly High with Enormous Zest n Zeal..coz U Know, Sky is The Limit......
A Small Tree -- Need to Nurture..... ..
Two Birds Hovering Above -- There r People Around to Take Ample Care of You, You r Actually Carefree.... .....

Second Pic

Daylight -- You r Almost Halfway Through in This Voyage Called Life.....
Couple -- You Hav a Betterhalf of Yours to Lean Upon n Speak Your Heart Out to......
Grown-up Tree -- You Hav Been Nurtured Profusely to Stand Tall n Rigidly in The Storms That May, Otherwise, Let U Down.........
A Small Tree -- You, Together With Your Better half, Have Given A New Lease of Life to Another Breaking Dawn (Your Child)...... ...
One Bird Hovering Above -- There r Comparatively Less People Around You to Take Care of You, Unlike During Your Wonder Childhood Years.......

Third Pic

Fall of Dusk -- Twilight is Setting Upon, Life Has Come a Full Circle....
An Old Man -- It's a Race Against Time Now On, It's The Begining of The End of The Voyage......
Ageing Tree -- Signifies The Above Two Things, Second One Being The Personification of This........
Grown Tree -- Your Kins Hav Grown Up, It's High Time You Start Supporting Them With Tender Care Rather Than Clashes..... .....
One Bird -- Self Explanatory, I Guess???
Grave -- In Course of The Voyage You Hav Lost Luved Ones n You Also Start to Anticipate Your Ultimate Fate n Destiny..... .....

Fourth Pic

Nightfall -- Voyage is Over, Darkness is Looming Over, High Time to Say Good Bye....
Starry Sky -- There's Still Happiness Around, Thanks to The Aesthetic Memories Left by You n The Good Work Done Too......
Grown-up Tree -- Your Kins r Walkin in Your Shoes now, It's For Them to Follow Your Footsteps Drawin Inspiration From Your Exemplary Life..
Grave With Two Crosses -- You r United With Your Soulmates n RIP........
(Watch Closely)

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Be a lighthouse...

In dark nights, lighthouse is the only hope for every sailor.
A lighthouse spreads light that cheers sailors.
It is a structure created by human beings but beautified by nature

It is Beautiful from any angle.

"Stand like a Lighthouse in life when there is a storm.
Develop confidence in all others who look at you."

"You can become a lighthouse

Stand on firm foundation of Values, Truth, Love, Respect for all"


Some Nice SMS.....

A life that you truly deserve,
A life as good as your heart,
A life as bright as your smile, and
A life as wonderful as you are.

Life is at its weakest when
there are more doubts than trust.
But life is at its strongest when
you learn how to trust inspite of the doubts.

In life there are Four Things
you should not lose:
1. Character
2. Self-Respect
3. Hope
4. Heart

Hands in Hands, walk an extra mile,
Remember on this earth we are for a while,
Smile n make everyone Smile,
because that's the way to live the life in Style..

The happiest people
don't have everything in life..
They just make the best of everything
that life brings their way..

In life all failures are due to two reasons:
1. Action less Thoughts, &
2. Thoughtless Actions
So one should take care of both
Thoughts n Actions..

Be strong enough to face the challenges of life.
Never ask GOD, why me..
instead say try me.
That's the spirit of life,
celebrate it!

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Care for Someone

You don't actually have to take the quiz. Just read straight through, and you'll get the point, an awesome one. .....

Take this quiz:
1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world.
2. Name the last five Heisman trophy winners.
3. Name the last five winners of the Miss America contest.
4. Name ten people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize.
5. Name the last half dozen Academy Award winners for best actor actress.
6. Name the last decade's worth of World Series winners.
How did you do?

The point is, none of us remember the headliners of yesterday. These are no second-rate achievers. They are the best in their fields.
But the applause dies. Awards tarnish. Achievements are forgotten.
Accolades and certificates are buried with their owners.

Here's another quiz. See how you do on this one:
1. List a few teachers who aided your journey through school.
2. Name three friends who have helped you through a difficult time.
3. Name five people who have taught you something worthwhile.
4. Think of a few people who have made you feel, appreciated and special.
5. Think of five people you enjoy spending time with.
6. Name half a dozen heroes whose stories have inspired you. Easier?

The lesson:

The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards. They are the ones that care.


Twinkle Twinkle little star.................

God is always spreading beauty around us but are we aware of that?

Falling star asks you wish something

Colours are spread for you to show that, in this dark night also there is something very Beautiful

Create something that no one has ever created in this world

Have some time for enjoying this work by nature
"Twinkle Twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are?
Up above the world so High
Like a diamond in the Sky........"


Yes....... It's New Year....... New Start

Wish You A Happy, Prosperous, Healthy & Beautiful New Year........

Each year brings with it new dreams, new horizons, new plans, new hopes and so many new things.

Every bird is now ready to find new destinations.

Yes we will achieve our goals definitely.

But don't forget to "Life is Beautiful" in this rush to achieve these goal maintain it's beauty.......