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Beautiful Facebook Statuses That Made life Beautiful

Today while updating my beautiful Facebook status
I was thinking what to update on it?

Sometimes we update our profiles or tweet
Like "Very happy today"
"Life is Beautiful"
"That Song is Awesmmmm"
"Going on a trip with friends"
"Missing you"
"Birthday today :) having fun"

Sometimes amazing photos from a party
Sometimes photo with a baby
Sometimes a photo with friends 
And what not...

Everyday we do many things 
But we don't update everything in our facebook status
"Going for office"
"Working in office"
"Lunch break in office"
"Going back from office"

But we might update status
When it is raining heavily
and we are going to office
"Wow I love to go to office when it is Raining heavily :-) "

We enjoy updating beautifl status on Facebook
When we are doing something different
There is something happening to share with all
or Something that we do for the first time...

Updating a status is the best way to make
"Life Beautiful"
For that to happen 
Do something different
Something nice and happening
Help someone, 
Try something new,
Smile more,
And update beautiful status on your profile

Life is beautiful 
Just do something 
That is worth and beautiful for updating your profile
And which will get maximum Plus ones, Likes or RTs

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Golden Opportunities in Life

It was very nice to see at those two kids 
Catching fishes (or trying to catch fishes)
I think they didn't have any experience
They might have seen someone catching fish
They were just repeating the action which they had seen

The best part was they were giving their best
Hoping they will catch some fishes in some time
Both the innocent kids were enjoying
And had a hope to get some fishes

They tried all possible tricks and techniques
Their small brains can think of
After about an hour both of them jump with joy
A fish finally surrendered at their hook 
And saluted their commitment

In our day to day Life we also do same like those kids...
 We don't know everything 
But we see and repeat some actions
We have a lot of hopes and dreams
We use all tricks and techniques for success

But in this fishing of opportunities
We sometimes forget
There are lot of fishes of opportunity in life
But our hook can catch only one fish at a time
Sometimes it will be big enough
Sometimes it will be small
Also every time we throw hook we won't get a fish
Some intelligent fishes don't come to hook
We forget we have to be patient
And have to be calm 
Till fish reaches our hook

After some time by looking at your commitment
Opportunities also start saluting you
They come to your hook
And surrender to you
That is what all call Success...

Learn this fishing technique...
Life is beautiful...
There is abundance in nature...
Just be calm and patient...
You can get lot of fishes...

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Be a candle if not the Sun

Kid holding a candle - LIfe is beautiful

Yesterday night I participated in a March against corruption
It was a silent march with candle light
Everyone in the crowd was inspired by a 'common cause'

What touched my heart was an answer from a Child
When someone asked him, "why are you here?"
He answered with smile...
"I will like to be a candle, If I am not able to be the Sun"

I have heard and read this sentence before also
But yesterday it was from an innocent kid...

This is very true...
In race of our life...
"Be a candle if it is difficult to be the Sun"

Never underestimate yourself and your capabilities...
Who knows you will also shine when there will be darkness around...
Because in darkness candle is more important...

Everyone has capacity to shine...
Don't forget to burn at 'right time' with 'right inspiration'...

Live it and spread light around....
Yes you can do it :)

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Life is Beautiful because of my Master

Beautiful Kung Fu Panda

Yesterday one of my friend asked me
Why have I written this blog?

This question made me think about journey of this blog...

This blog is diary of my memories and some of the happy moments
Yes it started with a thought to share whatever I liked...
Whenever I felt good I wrote something...
As and when any moment touched my heart...
Whenever I felt this will help others...
I shared it on my blog...

Comments and reviews from readers on my blog...
Made me observe and think about everything I experience daily...
I found positive part in each experience...
Projected it in possible easiest way...
and shared it on my blog...

Sometimes I thought like a Friend...
Sometimes like a Kid...
Sometimes like a Leader...
Sometimes like a Seeker...
Sometimes like a Lover...
But always with Yes mind...

Actually my Master taught me to think everything with Yes mind... 
It is my MASTER's Lifestyle 
Which makes me write and share these things...
He Lives life like this...
He inspires me...
I try to imitate what He does...
He always says Life is Beautiful...
Share Smile and Sing...
Care for others Share with all...
Life is Celebration...

Come let us make Life Beautiful...

(This Post is for my Beloved Master...)

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How to Have a Positive Attitude Towards Life

How to have positive attitude in life
Yesterday it was a cloudy day
In the evening
When I came out of the office
I looked at sky
And I was watching at dark clouds
It was nice scene...

Clouds were trying to cover almost all the sky
By looking at those clouds
At one point
I felt these clouds will totally cover sky...
But air also was trying to push away those clouds
It started drizzling...
In some time
I was able to get glimpse of sky from gaps which air had created
Slowly slowly air took away most of the clouds...
And I experienced a very beautiful sunset...

Life is exactly similar to this
We found many problems like 'clouds'
By looking at those problems
At first we assume...
'Life is full of problems'
And it will become more and more difficult...
But sometimes we feel these all problems will pass
These some positive thoughts are like 'air'
Which push away our problems...
We get a glimpse of clear 'Sky' which we consider as freedom
While pushing away these problems
We go through good and bad experiences
Which is like getting wet into that 'Drizzling'...
When more air of positive thoughts blows
After some time clouds of problem go away
And we can see clear sky
Before sunset...

Life is really beautiful...
Just learn how to blow this air of positive thoughts
Come let us blow away all problems
Before Sun sets...
POsitive attitude towards life
 Image source : HitWallpapers

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Beautiful Life Memories Forever


Sometimes, on a beautiful day

All memories call us back
Makes us go through all those snaps
Slowly slowly heart is pack
And you keep on searching
What have you left back...

Mind goes back again and again,
Suddenly remembers
Friend in rain
And nights in train
Helping hands to soothe your pain...

Suddenly you think
Why is God so cruel
Life was better
When all were there...


God only decides
And brings you to the future
So you should remember
Beautiful memories forever...

Image Credit AliceMarie