Shrikrishna Potdar
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'Learn to Learn' for a beautiful Life

Learn to Learn
What new did I learn today???
Ask this question to yourself before going to sleep

To improve quality of life,
Find out answers for this question,
And you will get so many,

Some people you met today, might have taught you,
How to excel in work?
How to manage work?

How to maintain personal relations?

Situations that you faced today, might have taught you,
What actions should have been taken in some situations?
What mistakes did you make?

Some thoughts that came in your mind, might have taught you,
What were the things that were bothering you?
What were the things that were boosting you?
Which emotions are good for your progress?
There were many things that happened with you for the first time...
And many that you see everyday...
Be a good Student of Life,
Learn to handle each challenges with enthusiasm,
Learn to win over the challenges,
Learn from others and your own experiences,
Learn from every source that is around you...

This learning will not cost you anything...
But yes this will give you,
"Positive Attitude" towards life,
That everybody is searching and speaking about..

If you learn something everyday,
You will also say...
Life is Beautiful...


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