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Beautiful Mornings

Beautiful Mornings starts every day with new colours...
It is the victory of light on darkness of night..

Beautiful flowers bloom to celebrate this victory

Morning dew shines like diamonds to congratulate
Birds fly & chirp to add music to celebration
Sun rays finds their way through Mist & trees
to give this message to all lives on earth

And a ship starts its journey for winning battle with life
with a new enthusiasm
& taking inspiration from this victory...
And then,
sun salutes,

earth spreads green mattress,
and sky opens arms to welcome
'The sailor...'

Which is none other than You....

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Life is Beautiful Mirror

'Snow white and the Beauty'
The story lead me to the thought
'what is a reflection???'

It is just visible image of an object seen in other object

It relates with our life also
whatever 'you are' reflects in the people around you.

So a reflection is beautiful when the object producing that itself is beautiful.

There is a slight difference when it comes to life. It doesn't matter 'how you look' or 'how you dress'. It is the your behaviour that reflects in people

If you want see 'how is your reflection?' and want to make it more beautiful....
Let start counting the happiness, comfort and smiles you are giving to people around you...

And your 'life will also reflect in you' so nicely,
that you will also want to kiss your reflections.....