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How to Have a Positive Attitude Towards Life

How to have positive attitude in life
Yesterday it was a cloudy day
In the evening
When I came out of the office
I looked at sky
And I was watching at dark clouds
It was nice scene...

Clouds were trying to cover almost all the sky
By looking at those clouds
At one point
I felt these clouds will totally cover sky...
But air also was trying to push away those clouds
It started drizzling...
In some time
I was able to get glimpse of sky from gaps which air had created
Slowly slowly air took away most of the clouds...
And I experienced a very beautiful sunset...

Life is exactly similar to this
We found many problems like 'clouds'
By looking at those problems
At first we assume...
'Life is full of problems'
And it will become more and more difficult...
But sometimes we feel these all problems will pass
These some positive thoughts are like 'air'
Which push away our problems...
We get a glimpse of clear 'Sky' which we consider as freedom
While pushing away these problems
We go through good and bad experiences
Which is like getting wet into that 'Drizzling'...
When more air of positive thoughts blows
After some time clouds of problem go away
And we can see clear sky
Before sunset...

Life is really beautiful...
Just learn how to blow this air of positive thoughts
Come let us blow away all problems
Before Sun sets...
POsitive attitude towards life
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