Shrikrishna Potdar
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Beautiful Facebook Statuses That Made life Beautiful

Today while updating my beautiful Facebook status
I was thinking what to update on it?

Sometimes we update our profiles or tweet
Like "Very happy today"
"Life is Beautiful"
"That Song is Awesmmmm"
"Going on a trip with friends"
"Missing you"
"Birthday today :) having fun"

Sometimes amazing photos from a party
Sometimes photo with a baby
Sometimes a photo with friends 
And what not...

Everyday we do many things 
But we don't update everything in our facebook status
"Going for office"
"Working in office"
"Lunch break in office"
"Going back from office"

But we might update status
When it is raining heavily
and we are going to office
"Wow I love to go to office when it is Raining heavily :-) "

We enjoy updating beautifl status on Facebook
When we are doing something different
There is something happening to share with all
or Something that we do for the first time...

Updating a status is the best way to make
"Life Beautiful"
For that to happen 
Do something different
Something nice and happening
Help someone, 
Try something new,
Smile more,
And update beautiful status on your profile

Life is beautiful 
Just do something 
That is worth and beautiful for updating your profile
And which will get maximum Plus ones, Likes or RTs


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