Shrikrishna Potdar

Some Nice SMS.....

A life that you truly deserve,
A life as good as your heart,
A life as bright as your smile, and
A life as wonderful as you are.

Life is at its weakest when
there are more doubts than trust.
But life is at its strongest when
you learn how to trust inspite of the doubts.

In life there are Four Things
you should not lose:
1. Character
2. Self-Respect
3. Hope
4. Heart

Hands in Hands, walk an extra mile,
Remember on this earth we are for a while,
Smile n make everyone Smile,
because that's the way to live the life in Style..

The happiest people
don't have everything in life..
They just make the best of everything
that life brings their way..

In life all failures are due to two reasons:
1. Action less Thoughts, &
2. Thoughtless Actions
So one should take care of both
Thoughts n Actions..

Be strong enough to face the challenges of life.
Never ask GOD, why me..
instead say try me.
That's the spirit of life,
celebrate it!


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